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First face-to-face meeting of SPECIAL: Transnational Project Meeting in Pescara


On 20 June 2022, the consortium joined the second transnational meeting of the SPECIAL project, held in face-to-face format in Pescara, Italy. SPECIAL project, which brings together seven partners from six European countries (Sweden, Italy, Iceland, Belgium, Spain and Romania) and is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, aims to strengthen, reignite and nurture the “life” and “soft” skills of young people who are neither studying nor working in the European Union (NEETs) to help them (re)integrate into post-COVID societies and labour markets. During the meeting, the partners were able to strengthen their partnership by having a face-to-face meeting for the first time, as well as to discuss the status of the project in its administrative aspects, and the ongoing deliverables: the OER platform (PR1) and the needs assessment of the target group in each country (PR2). The OER platform, as the main output that will host the products resulting from the project (reports, training, guidelines and recommendations), is now available at in six languages (English, Spanish, Italian, Icelandic, Romanian and Swedish) to ensure the visibility and transfer of the results, as well as the promotion of the training of European NEETs in a simple and intuitive way, free of charge and without login. Furthermore, the consortium started the definition of the next output, the SPECIAL Training Toolkit (PR3), taking into consideration the results of the training needs assessment and the European LifeComp and EntreComp frameworks for the creation of attractive and effective content for young people not in education nor in employment. In the coming months, partners will work on the development and peer reviewing of the training contents of SPECIAL, as well as on its subsequent uploading and implementation on the OER platform. Stay tuned on the news of the SPECIAL project through the platform and the social nerworks Facebook and Youtube!

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Special OER Platform opened!


The Consortium is proud to announce that the official frontend of SPECIAL project is now available and open to the public in the link It will host all the project information, implementation, its objectives and background, as well as a specific section describing the partners involved. Here you will also find the OER platform where all the project results, contents, trainings and guidelines will be made freely available to the public. SPECIAL, a project co-funded by the European Commission, involves a Consortium of 7 partners from 6 European countries: Iceland, Belgium, Romania, Italy, Spain and Sweden. The objective of SPECIAL is to strengthen, reignite and nurture “life” and “soft” skills of EU NEETs so as to sustain them in (re)integrating in post-COVID societies and labour markets. With this purpose the Consortium will develop tailored training contents and toolkit to enhance soft and transversal skills for career development/employability/self-empowerment of NEETs.

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An Online start for a new Erasmus+ project SPECIAL Supporting and Promotion EntreComp through Innovative Advanced Learning


SPECIAL consortium met on ZOOM with 7 Partners from 6 European countries for an online KICK-Off Meeting in the a new Erasmus+ project: SPECIAL Supporting and Promotion EntreComp through Innovative Advanced Learning. SPECIAL is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership for Vocational Education and Training. SPECIAL aims to strengthen, reignite and nurture “life” and “soft” skills of EU NEETs so as to sustain them in (re)integrating in post-COVID societies and labour markets. In SPECIAL the partners will design, develop and test training programmes that are flexible, demand-driven, tailored on targets’ needs and learners-centred. During this meeting, the Partners had the opportunity to get to know each other and discuss the work ahead. The Consortium kick-started the Project implementation by discussing the structure and design of the OER Platform under Project Result 1. Then, Partners outlined the work under Project Result 2, a transnational needs assessment where partners will map NEETs post-C19 dynamics and benchmark them against EntreComp + LifeComp. The Kick-Off Meeting also represented a great opportunity for Partners to agree upon the project logo and the web domain, in order to foster project visibility and to launch dissemination activities. For more information about SPECIAL and its partners:

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SPECIAL Approved


Approved SPECIAL Project to design, develop, test and validate a new training framework for VET operators that is instrumental to: reignite NEETs’ sense on initiative nurture NEETs’ perception of self-awareness and self-efficacy strengthen NEETs’ flexibility and adaptation to social and market labour dynamics empower NEETs’ social and life skills enhance NEETs’ employability opportunities and/or entrepreneurial spirits increase NEETs’ proficiency in critical and creative thinking for self-employability/job hunting/development of business ideas Stay Tuned!

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