Dimitrie Leonida Piatra Neamt Technological High School

The "Dimitrie Leonida" Technological High School in Piatra Neamț is an institution that aims to train young people and adults by providing equal opportunities for education, in the service of the community, citizens capable of adapting to the ever-changing dynamic demands of society.
This partner is important for ISJ Neamt as part of the SPECIAL project because it aims to provide non-discriminatory professional training, with chances of insertion on the labor market, in collaboration with the local community, while promoting interculturality, equal opportunities, cooperation, the right to opinion , active involvement in local communities.
At the same time, an advantage that this partner brings to the collaboration with ISJ Neamț is the fact that it offers lifelong learning services: evening high school courses for citizens who are employed, second chance courses for young people who do not have completed basic studies.

Dimitrie Leonida Piatra Neamt Technological High School


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