Nýheimar the building was built in 2002 and operated as an informal co-operational forum among institutions until spring 2013 when the Nýheimar Knowledge Centre was formalized. The Knowledge Centre was established as an umbrella organization for various institutions and agencies working in education, research, innovation, and culture. Twelve different institutions are members of the of the collaboration that the knowledge centre is established around and they all have extensive interdisciplinary knowledge and experience.

Nýheimars Knowledge Centers central role is to facilitate cooperation between the various sectors within and as a part of the Municipality of Hornafjordur.
Another vital objective is to promote closer cooperation of individuals, businesses, organizations, and public entities with a special emphasis on the integration of culture, education, innovation, and research in Hornafjörður municipality.

Nýheimars main focus is to enhance cooperation within the society as a whole in the municipality as well as reaching out to rural areas with similar challenges or interests. With that in mind the knowledge centre participates in a variety of domestic and international collaborative projects, including Erasmus + projects. That is therefore safe to say that the knowledge centres fundamental goal is to improve the quality of life of people in rural areas.

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