IDP European Consultants

IDP overview in numbers:
> Italian SME with 30+ years of international experience
> Educational provider of highly specialised training in formal and non-formal VET, Adult Education and Higher Education since 1999:
A. trained more than 3.500 (young) professionals with more than 120 courses, 8.500 hours of face to face training delivered in English, Italian and French
B. since 1999, held 43 editions of MasterClass on entrepreneurial development in the frame of EU policies and programmes
C. in the last 7 years, developed 40+ courses and modules in the frame of Erasmus+ and Horizon projects, validated with more than 400 target groups.
> Providing services on entrepreneurship, finance, innovation, internationalization, project management, EU funding
> 12 staff and 20 external experts, multilingual staff, all included in the payroll
> Proven track record in financial management, quality assurance and project management: more than 60 international collaborative projects managed in the last 7 years
> Reliable international standing: service provider for EU Commission, United Nations, OIF

IDP is a provider of formal and non-formal VET and Adult Education since 1999: IDP develops and implements specialised educational courses on EU Affairs (EU Institutions, policies and funding programmes, etc), Project Management and Entrepreneurship, soft skills, social responsibility and active citizenship, environmental protection and awareness.

1. PUBLIC SECTOR: the EU Commission (through competitive tender), the United Nations, International Labour Organisation, Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie; several local and regional authorities
2. EDUCATION AND RESEARCH: Politecnico di Torino, Università Cattolica del S. Cuore, Milan; Università degli Studi Federico II, Naples, and more.
3. PRIVATE SECTOR: tailored technical assistance to SMEs in various economic sectors to build international and EU partnerships, with focus on entrepreneurship, financial instruments, competitiveness, internationalization.
4. CIVIL SOCIETY: IDP is very active in the field of socio-economic integration and works widely with the Third Sector across EU on a wide range of issues (employability, M&E, entrepreneurship and EU integration)

IDP European Consultants




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